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Help treat and prevent strong vaginal odour

Why does my vagina smell?

A healthy vagina can smell in many ways – sweet, tangy, musky or earthy – and each woman’s vaginal scent is unique. A light vaginal odour is usually completely normal and nothing to worry about. It may be caused by changes to your diet, hormone levels, menstrual cycle or vaginal bacteria. Having sex and sweating a lot can also affect the way your vagina smells. But if you’re noticing a strong odour, reminiscent of fish, it’s likely a sign of infection. The fishy smell is a common symptom of a bacterial problem caused by an imbalance in the vaginal flora. Harmful bacteria may grow out of control and wipe out the beneficial bacteria that regulate the pH level in the vagina, resulting in unpleasant odours. It may also change the colour and texture of your vaginal discharge, making it greyish-white and thinner than normal. Having said that, a smelly vagina is often the only noticeable symptom of a bacterial problem.

Although foul vaginal odour can be annoying and even negatively affect your quality of life, it can be easily treated.

How to help treat vaginal odour

Bacterial imbalances are often treated with antibiotics, but a product like Multi-Gyn ActiveGel may be an effective alternative. Multi-Gyn ActiveGel works by blocking the harmful microorganisms while supporting the beneficial bacteria. To help treat and reduce unpleasant vaginal odour, use the gel at least twice a day for a period of at least five days. If you’re not sure if the fishy smell is due to a bacterial imbalance, or the treatment isn’t helping, contact your health professional. It’s possible that there’s another reason for the odour, like a tampon that has been forgotten and left in the vagina. Yes, it happens and it may be more common than you think!

How to get rid of smelly discharge

Just like vaginal odour, foul-smelling discharge can be addressed with Multi-Gyn ActiveGel. Use it at least twice a day for five days straight to help reduce discharge.

Can I prevent a smelly vagina?

Good hygiene can help prevent vaginal odour, but don’t overdo it! The inside of the vagina cleans itself by producing discharge and excessive hygiene practices can cause dryness and irritation. Just wash the outside of the vagina (the vulva) with plain, warm water, or use a gentle, unscented soap and dry thoroughly with a clean towel. Washing once a day is usually enough, except for when you’re on your period; then you may want to wash a little more often to avoid vaginal odor. Don’t forget to clean the perineum (the area between the vaginal opening and the anus) as well.

More tips for keeping your vagina healthy and free of unpleasant odour:

  • Wear 100 percent cotton underwear that lets your vagina breathe
  • Wash your underwear using a mild soap and rinse thoroughly
  • Avoid using fabric softeners
  • Avoid using feminine hygiene products like sanitary pads, bath oils, scented oils, talc, perfumed wipes and vaginal deodorants
  • Use a condom during sex to protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases