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How does Multi-Gyn work?

Multi-Gyn products treat intimate discomforts by restoring the natural balance of your intimate flora.

When your intimate flora is balanced, it is naturally protected from bacteria. But when that balance is disturbed, discomforts like itch, discharge, odor or infections such as Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) can develop.

By restoring this balance, Multi-Gyn products not only treat intimate discomforts but also give you direct relief.

Natural 2QR Origin

Our Active Ingredients

Our products mostly consist of natural ingredients. One of the main ingredients is 2QR-complex which is a natural, plant-based ingredient. 2QR-complex has the unique ability to protect the sensitive vaginal tissue from harmful bacteria in a safe and natural way. This supports the natural healing process and the balance of the vaginal flora.

The Effect

After applying to your intimate area, the Multi-Gyn products will have a direct soothing effect on discomforts like itch or irritation. If you have an infection like bacterial vaginosis, the products will give you direct relief of the discomforts as well as treat the infection.