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You might have a vaginal yeast infection.

You could have a common yeast infection called thrush. This is caused by Candida albicans, a microorganism found on our skin and mucous membranes. When the vaginal flora becomes imbalanced, candida can overgrow and cause discomforts like itching, irritation, pain and abnormal discharge.

How do you get thrush?

The vaginal flora tends to get disrupted by antibiotics, intensive or excessive washing, vaginal dryness or other factors like hormonal fluctuations. This leads to an overgrowth of candida, often referred to as a vaginal yeast infection. Some women are more prone to vaginal yeast infections than others.

How to treat thrush

Vaginal yeast can be treated with antimycotics, although they do not stop the vaginal yeast infection from recurring. Natural products, rather than an antimycotic approach, are considered to be a longer-term solution. They optimise the vaginal flora and treat vaginal yeast symptoms. That’s where Multi-Gyn FloraPlus comes in. It treats vaginal yeast symptoms and gives direct relief of itch, irritation and crumbly, white discharge.

If your symptoms don’t get better after some time, talk to your doctor or gynecologist.