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Do skinny jeans cause vaginal infections?

They’re lots of women’s favorite fashion item and popular with women of all ages. They fit perfectly and look good – so why shouldn’t you wear your skinny jeans every day? Believe it or not, skinny jeans can cause vaginal discomforts and encourage bacterial overgrowth. Read on to find out why.

Give your skinny jeans a rest

It’s not a good idea to wear your skinny jeans, every day. Tight or synthetic clothing, like skinny jeans, restricts the flow and circulation of air around your groin and vulva, trapping heat and moisture in the vagina. They also cause pressure, friction and heat in your intimate area. This combination of effects creates the perfect environment for vaginal discomforts and microbial problems.

Avoid friction burns!

The most likely cause of vaginal discomfort from wearing skinny jeans or tight, synthetic underwear is irritation from fabric rubbing tightly against your vulva. Redness, swelling, stinging and itching are common friction-related irritations. These irritations can be very uncomfortable. Don’t wear tight clothing everyday and avoid synthetic fabrics that do not breathe and allow air to circulate.

Make smart choices about your underwear

Because of the tight fit, women often choose to wear synthetic underwear or a thong under their skinny jeans. Cotton or other natural, breathable fabric is the best daily choice for underwear as it is less likely to trap heat and moisture. Thongs can cause friction on the vulva and create itch, irritation and a burning sensation in your intimate area. As well as this, the risk of transferring bacteria from the anus to the vagina may increase because thongs press into both areas and are likely to move around under tight outerwear, like skinny jeans.

Just let your vagina breathe…

Skinny jeans close off your intimate area. It is important that you allow air to circulate around your groin and vulva. Your intimate area should be able to ‘breathe’ to avoid trapping heat and moisture in your vagina. Yeast and bacteria thrive in warm, moist environments so don’t give them the opportunity! Wear natural fibers and if you have worn tight clothes or skinny jeans all day – just take them off as soon as you get home and put some loose, breathable clothing on instead. Don’t wear tight clothing like skinny jeans everyday.

Respect the natural balance of bacteria

The delicate balance of your vaginal flora is important for good vaginal health. The natural pH of your vagina is slightly acidic and this helps stop harmful bacteria from multiplying. When the balance of your vaginal flora is disturbed, the harmful bacteria present in the vagina overgrow and cause different vaginal complaints such as itch, malodor and abnormal discharge. This can lead to candida or bacterial vaginosis. Wearing synthetic fiber underwear and tight pants restricts air circulation and can cause friction and heat around the vulva. This environment can help harmful bacteria to multiply. So while skinny jeans and tight underwear may not directly cause vaginal microbial problems, they can contribute to any existing problem and create other painful discomforts that can develop if left untreated. Be vigilant about your vaginal health, choose natural cotton underwear, allow air to circulate and use gentle, soap-free washes.

Wearing skinny jeans every once in a while won’t do any harm. And a skinny made from cotton is better than jeans made of synthetic fabric. Make sure you wear cotton underwear and don’t wear a skinny jean or other tight pants every day. If you notice vaginal complaints after wearing skinny jeans, Multi-Gyn ActiGel can give immediate relief and help you restore the delicate balance of your vaginal flora.