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How to take care of your vagina during summer

Summer time means your vagina is more vulnerable than usual – heat, sweating, traveling, swimming, are only some of the things that can cause vaginal discomforts. Here is some advice on how to take care of your vagina during summer months.

  • If you spend most of your working hours sitting at a desk, if you have a long commute or are planning on traveling, keep in mind that sitting for hours on end won’t only cause pain in your back and shoulders, but it can also increase the risk of vaginal yeast infection. When sitting in one position, our intimate area heats up, airflow is reduced and moisture is increased. Damp, hot areas with insufficient airflow are perfect for microbes to grow and cause an infection.
  • Wearing skinny jeans and tight shorts during warm months only increases the already damaging effect of tight clothing. Friction, heat and moisture can cause irritation and increase the risk of thrush, and this effect is further emphasized by sweat that’s in close contact with the skin. If you cannot part with your favorite pieces, try not to wear them every day. Choose clothing and underwear made out of natural materials, so your skin can breathe.
  • During summer, we wax and shave more often than during winter months, and sometimes we go too far in our efforts to have smooth skin. This can result in irritation and itchiness. To prevent this, shave every other day to allow the skin to recuperate. Hydrate the skin prior to the treatment and apply a natural soothing product afterwards.
  • Summer is the time of the year when many women feel adventurous when it comes to sex. Make sure to use protection in order to prevent an infection and STDs. Also, don’t forget lubrication. Vaginal moisture is necessary for a painless, comfortable intercourse, so if you’re having trouble with natural moisturization, use a product that can help you with this. Lubricants will allow you to enjoy sex without pain, but if you’re looking for a more long-lasting solution, especially if you’re experiencing friction during exercising or even walking, try a vaginal moisturizer that can be applied daily and has a long lasting effect.
  • Going on a holiday and trying to save some space in your suitcase? You may decide to leave out some of the cosmetic products that do take a lot of packing space. However, leaving your intimate wash behind and planning to replace it with regular soap or a bubble bath can get you in trouble. Harsh detergents can easily damage the superficial layers of sensitive intimate skin, disrupt the pH value and cause irritation. Simply use water or bring a natural, gentle product that contains mild detergents and is at the appropriate pH value for intimate area.
  • When travelling, carry around a pack of mild intimate wipes that are preferably bio-degradable – this will allow you to maintain hygiene and a sense of freshness wherever you are, even if a shower is not available.